Visible importance of libraries and librarians: worldwide “live” online tours


The pandemic has changed a lot of daily life, work and study activities of people around the world. We face common difficulties, including economic and emotional problems. For example, tourist industries have been greatly affected and more and more jobs are insecure in many fields. In addition, people are feeling depressed due to lockdowns.

As libraries are places for life-long learning, how can librarians and libraries help people to gain new skills for the post-pandemic era?  This research is an international project involving librarians/faculty/teachers and people in different groups in Hong Kong, Japan and Australia, to develop a live outdoor teaching model to benefit both education and different areas of society.

The purpose and value of this research project

  • To increase the visible importance of libraries/librarians: like other industries, libraries and librarians who may be facing cuts in budgets/jobs. With this research, librarians and libraries could develop a new outreach model and create new ways for access to “digital libraries-outside the library walls” etc.
  • Help weaker groups of people of the society: such as elderly people, sick and disabled people that cannot go outside, to have more church outreach services etc. 
  • Expansion of online teaching pedagogy especially live outdoor online teaching.

Research design

Design-based with mixed research methods.


Uses affordable and low-cost IT tools and equipment, e.g. Smartphone (as camera)+ Microphone + a  stabilizer

Timeline of the project

  • Pilot study:  A “live” online outdoor tour in Tokyo, Japan on 9 Jan 2021 (Sat)

Different groups of people from Asia and Australia as the online audience will give their feedback by filling in a questionnaire about the “live” online outdoor tour and the pedagogy.

  • Next phase: year 2021

We will invite librarians/teachers /students from schools/universities to work with our team to provide “live” online outdoor tours, like the pilot study. The audience will be elderly people, the disabled and people who cannot venture outside, as well as students/teachers etc. 

Project members: Dr. Helen Cheung, Professor Gareth Jones and Ms Yoko Hirose Nagao

Institutions: HKSKH Ming Hua Theological College, Japanese parties ( Rapidwide company and other libraries) and associates from the Libraries Research Group of Charles Sturt University.

Contact: Dr. Helen Cheung