Evaluating the Library of Congress genre/form terms

Group members: Philip Hider, Hollie White, Phillipa Barlow, Barbara Spiller, Leonie Bourke, Debbie Lee.

The relatively new Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms (LCGFT), adopted by many libraries in the English-speaking world, are evaluated by comparing them with other ‘everyday’ genre classifications, in the areas of film, fiction and music.

The Hider-White article on film genres can be found here, while the Hider-Spiller study on fiction genres can be accessed here. More specifically, Hider and Bourke have published a discussion of the (lack of) treatment of ‘pulp fiction’. Meanwhile, Hider and Lee have recently published a paper on the nature of generic subdivision in the music domain in the Journal of Information Science.

Contact: Dr Philip Hider

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