Dr Monique Shephard

Research Fellow, CSU Future of the Professions Research Group

Monique Shephard comes from an academic background in arts and the humanities, however has also enjoyed many years working in private psychology practice and a public library. Monique therefore takes an interdisciplinary approach to her work and has researched across a range of social justice issues including environmental practice, adolescent mental health and co-design in libraries and disaster resilience. She has lectured in Children’s and Young Adult Literature, Creative Writing, and Teacher Librarianship.

Monique is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Future of the Professions Research Group working across both social work and library professions. While developing an interest in quantitative research, Monique is primarily a qualitative researcher with a constructivist background. Her own research is interested in the perceptions of young people and focuses on the role of schools and school libraries in the mental health of adolescence, and social justice in libraries.