Open access policy intent, development, and maintenance at Australian universities

Group members: Simon Wakeling, Mary Anne Kennan, Mary Coe

In order to support the development of OA in Australia, and in particular understand how university OA Policies can support OA performance, we are interested in understanding in more detail why and how formal OA policies are developed, maintained and monitored at Australian universities. Understanding this will enable us to identify inconsistencies in approach, and the factors that drive the form and content of OA policies for those institutions that have such policies. Utilising interviews with staff in libraries and research offices at Australian universities, the research will generate new knowledge about the ways in which open access policies are developed and maintained at Australian Universities. In particular it will reveal what tensions and challenges, if any, exist for those involved in this process, and reveal the extent to which individual institutions consult with stakeholder both within and outside their organisation while developing policies. It will also reveal why some universities do not have OA policies, and identify the extent to which open access compliance is monitored, potentially revealing models of best practice in this area.

Contact: Simon Wakeling