Libraries and librarianship in Indonesia: The past and present

Group member: Dr Anita Dewi

Project Description:

The project investigates libraries and librarianship in Indonesia in the past and present, by looking at three different categories of literature available in the Indonesian Collections of the National Library of Australia. The first category includes sources on the general information and conceptualisation of libraries and librarianship in Indonesia across different time periods. This is then followed by the second category of sources, namely those on government regulation of libraries in Indonesia. Included in this category are the national regulation, law, the head of national library’s guidance documents, and national standards for libraries. Finally, the third category reflects how libraries and librarianship in Indonesia have evolved and been adaptive in the digital era. To reflect this, the sources included are proceedings of Indonesian digital library conferences across the years.

The research project is aimed at mapping the existence and roles of libraries, the position of librarianship, and the professional identity of librarians in Indonesia. It is also aimed to reflect the transition and evolution of Indonesian libraries, librarianship, and librarians across time and contexts.

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