Usage patterns of public libraries’ resources

Project members: Hamid Jamali and Philip Hider

The project involved analyses of usage data library resources of two public library networks in NSW to understand the usage patterns of resources during the COVID-19 pandemic and whether any change occurred in the use of resources during the pandemic.

Data analysis revealed an increasing trend in using electronic resources (ebooks and e-audio books) during the pandemic. The use of electronic resources peaked during the two periods of library closure. There were changes in the favoured genres and subjects of fiction and non-fiction resources during the lockdown periods.

The report entitled “Usage patterns of NSW public libraries’ resources during the pandemic” can be found on the State Library of NSW’s website.

Publication: Jamali, H.R., & Hider, P. (2023). Changes in the Usage Pattern of Public Library Collections during the COVID Pandemic. Collection Management, in press.

Contact: Dr Hamid Jamali


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