Dr Deborah Lee

Senior Teaching Fellow in Library and Information Studies, UCL

Debbie’s research interests are in the areas of knowledge organisation, cataloguing and music information.  One of her main research interests is in the knowledge organisation of music, and she is interested in deeply analysing how music is classified both within library studies and within musicology, and what this can tell us about music itself.  Her other interests include the theory of knowledge organisation systems, the classification of forms and genres, art information organisation, and cataloguing education.  Her research has been published in a variety of research and professional journals, including JASIST, Journal of Documentation, Knowledge Organisation, Information Research, Journal of Library Metadata, Proceedings of the Document Academy, Art Libraries Journal, and Catalogue and Index.  Deborah is a Senior Teaching Fellow (a lecturer focussed on teaching) at University College London, where among other things she leads the cataloguing and classification module and knowledge organisation module.