Investigating school students’ strategies for evaluating online information: An exploratory study 

Kay Oddone

The purpose of this qualitative exploratory study is to investigate the strategies school students use to evaluate the credibility and trustworthiness of information they encounter online through video sharing platforms, with a specific focus on online health information.

Research previously conducted to investigate young peoples’ capacity to critically evaluate online information has focused on areas of civic awareness including social and political issues (Breakstone et al., 2021; McGrew & Byrne, 2021). There have also been investigations exploring youths’ use and trust of social media platforms (Office of the eSafety Commissioner & Department of Education and Training, 2016) and the ways in which young people engage with digital news media (Notley & Dezuanni, 2018). This study builds on this work, by investigating the strategies students apply to evaluate the credibility of online information found on video sharing sites in e-health literacy.

Through a combination of survey and think aloud interviews, this research will provide new insights into how students currently evaluate online information conveyed through video sharing sites. These findings will be used to further research in this area, and to underpin the development of pedagogical approaches Teacher Librarians can use in collaboration with teachers to build students skills in evaluating multimodal online information. 

Contact: Dr Kay Oddone