Knowledge Bank of Australian and New Zealand School Libraries

Group members: Mary Carroll, Kasey Garrison, Kay Oddone, Simon Wakeling

Drawing on over a 100 years of resources for and about teacher librarians and school libraries in Australia and New Zealand, Knowledge Bank of Australian and New Zealand School Libraries (KBANZSL) provides a point in time finding aid to critical reports, books, papers and other resources for use by practitioners, researchers, administrators and advocates of school libraries and teacher librarianship.

The project is lead by Associate Professor Mary Carroll, with Dr Kasey Garrison, Judy O’Connell, Dr Kay Oddone, and Dr Simon Wakeling. Research work was undertaken by Dr Sue Reynolds, and the PDF designed by Jo Kay.

KBANZSL has been developed by academics from the School of Information and Communication Studies at Charles Sturt University (CSU), and is designed to build knowledge and research capacity in teacher librarianship in Australia and to support practice and advocacy in this field.

The primary aim of this project is to belatedly address a recommendation identified in the 2011 Senate Enquiry and resulting report School Libraries and Teacher Librarians in 21st Century Australia (House of Representatives Education and Employment Committee, 2011) to provide a single location to find critical resources about Australian teacher librarians and school libraries.

This KBANZSL project aims to:
• Provide a free, open access, web based, school library knowledge bank which will guide practitioners and researchers to documents, collections and other resources for, and about, Australian and New Zealand school libraries and teacher librarianship;
• Advance knowledge and encourage further research into school libraries and teacher-librarianship in Australia and New Zealand;
• Provide a comprehensive overview and record of the collective memory and narrative of school libraries and teacher-librarianship in Australia from 1900; and
• Support advocacy, professional development, leading and managing, learning and teaching for school libraries and teacher librarianship in Australia and New Zealand.

A PDF version of the KBANZSL can be accessed below.