Evaluating the Library of Congress genre/form terms

Group members: Philip Hider, Hollie White, Phillipa Barlow, Barbara Spiller, Gemma Steele et al.

The relatively new LCGFT, adopted by many libraries in the English-speaking world, are evaluated by comparing them with various genre classifications to be found outside of the library world. In the area of film, Hider, White and Barlow have been comparing LCGFT with the genres used in streaming services and film institutes. In the area of fiction, Hider and Spiller have compared the relevant LCGFT with the genres used in online bookstores. Meanwhile, LibraryThing tags used for fiction and other belles-lettres are being compared with both LC subject and genre headings. Hider, Steele and other Knowledge Organisation scholars are engaged in this work.

The Hider-Spiller study on fiction genres can be accessed here (limited copies available).

Contact: Dr Philip Hider

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