Louise Curham

Lecturer, School of Information Studies

Louise Curham headshot

Louise spent 20 years working in government archives alongside a practice as a media artist. She recently joined CSU’s School of Information Studies teaching in archives, records and areas focused on using, gathering and caring for heritage in documentary and recorded formats. 

The relationship between technology and real bodies in time and space has been the focus of Louise’s research. A strong theme explores making ephemeral media and ephemeral heritage persist through time. Louise uses practice-led research methods drawing on her background in archives, audiovisual archives and film. Recent projects include the exhibition The Stand-in Lab (2019, with artist Lynn Loo). Gallery visitors explored questions of media preservation, specifically the role of a ‘letter to a future user’ as a preservation strategy. Past work has focused on re-enactment in collaboration with artist and academic Dr Lucas Ihlein in the collaboration Teaching and Learning Cinema. A project from that work formed the basis of Louise’s PhD research Tending the archive (in progress) that used the metaphor of growth rings to describe how heritage that performs must change to respond to the environment it participates in but can also stay whole within this new layer.